Head to Head

“I enjoyed making women look pretty,” says Anne Duncan.

Duncan has worked in the wig industry for about 45 years and has watched Evansville’s business and wig needs grow and change. While her customers originally bought wigs to match popular styles, Duncan’s wig sales have shifted to a medical focus in recent years, providing looks to clients who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other conditions.

Along with handcrafted lace-front human hair or synthetic wigs, turbans, hats, and supplies for wig upkeep, Duncan offers personal cuts and styling to every customer.

“I just like to see a smile on their face when they look at themselves in the mirror,” she says. “That’s like my artwork there, and knowing I get to make them happy is my goal.”

» Opened in 1975, owned by Anne Duncan
Currently working with customers via phone. Products are available to order for mail delivery.

812-473-0999 • anneswigs.com

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