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When I entertain, I like to keep things simple. That way it’s easier to execute everything on time before and after the guests arrive. But that doesn’t mean the flavors still can’t be complex, even with so-called “party food.”

Reducing the steps and time required for preparations helps to reduce pre-event stress, and also allows enjoyment of a cocktail or other adult beverage before guests arrive (further reducing stress levels). Remember, parties are supposed to be fun.

The event I enjoy cooking most for is a Super Bowl party. It is an invitation for finger food, manliness, and overall social frivolity. Yes, football is clearly the central attraction, but cuisine is an extremely close second. Some guests remember favorite television commercials from year to year, but everyone will remember the most outstanding food. And while the Super Bowl is typically a favorite of men, this dish will certainly satisfy even a football-loathing girlfriend or wife.

Everyone enjoys pizza rolls: no shame or judging here, I get it. I only hope to inspire you to greatness and keep you out of the freezer aisle at the same time. With these homemade pizza rolls, you’ll achieve the same ease of consumption while vastly improving flavor and variety simultaneously.


• Egg roll wrappers
• Pepperoni
• Sausage
• Mushrooms
• Mozzarella cheese
• Pizza sauce (Marinara sauce works)
• Peanut oil
• Other pizza veggies (optional)

These pizza rolls are easy enough to duplicate — all you have to do is think of your favorite pizza toppings, and you’ll be able make the necessary recipe changes.


To begin, prepare all the ingredients you will be using as stuffing. If using sausage or bacon, cook completely. Chop all veggies into small pieces, roughly diced in size. Preheat enough oil to fill half of an inch of a deep skillet on medium heat. Place one wrapper in front of you so it looks like a diamond. Using a pinch of each ingredient, fill the wrapper down the center, leaving yourself enough room to fold in the corners. Don’t worry about the wrapper not sticking to itself, the frying process will take care of sealing in the goodness. Remember to add just a covering of cheese and a slight spoonful of sauce. Very carefully, with tongs, add three or four (depending on skillet size) rolls to the oil. After roughly 45 to 60 seconds, the rolls will be noticeably golden brown on the underside. Use the tongs to flip the rolls so that every side is crispy. Once browned, allow the rolls to cool on a paper towel-lined plate for two to three minutes before serving. I like to have a bit of sauce left over to dip with. If your guests are anything like me, make sure you have plenty of sauce for both filling and dipping. Enjoy the food and the game.

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