In A Word: Adaptation

Lillie Stahl

“The ability to adapt hinges on attitude. Time can be wasted resisting change rather than embracing it and focusing on ways to incorporate the change. Everyone faces obstacles and challenges in life, both professional and personal. The important thing is to be quick to accept those challenges, concentrate on how we can use our talents to make the most of the situation, and move ahead with confidence. Resilience is a fundamental human trait from which inspiration and motivation can be drawn. We all possess great potential for adaptation.”

Lillie Stahl is an executive administration coordinator at Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company.

David Hinton

“Adaptability is a trait we should all be focused on as we are confronted with our current environment. A person with high adaptability could be described as flexible and versatile. Adaptability allows a person to handle any situation that may be handed to them and provide a solution. While we may naturally be prone to being adaptable (or not), we can consciously decide to be flexible in our ideas and expectations. Over time, this shift in our attitude will naturally lead us to become better at adapting to the changes we all are currently having to face.”

David Hinton is the financial center manager for German American Bank.

Jon Mark Hall

“‘Twins?!’ I said. When baby four became baby four AND five, we definitely had to adapt. Having to adapt means having to grow, and that can lead to great things. Those who can adapt to change will be the ones who can help us make progress. For those who don’t adapt, let’s educate them on why our ability to adapt as a community will help us make positive strides. Adapting to new things in our lives is not always easy, but let’s not live in the ‘we have always done it this way’ world. Let’s adapt and change for the greater good. Sometimes things turn out twice as nice!.”

Jon Mark Hall is the director of athletics for the University of Southern Indiana.

Ellada Hadjisavva

“The impact of the coronavirus lockdown has had a significant and apocalyptic impact on businesses, especially restaurants. As a family-owned restaurant, it is not our first time we had to adapt to save our business. During the 2008-2009 recession, we adapted into offering catering outside events to increase our cash flow and pay the bills. Amidst the coronavirus, we adapted into offering pick-up and curbside. We adapted into taking our Acropolis Express food truck to neighborhoods and Tri-State communities, serving our splendid gyros, salads, and ready meals! Our patrons cannot come to us yet; we go to them! Not all restaurants will survive this pandemic; those that adapt to the new customer expectations and reinvent themselves will persevere.”

Ellada Hadjisavva is the co-owner of Acropolis Restaurant with her husband Doros.

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