See The Light

Downtown Evansville will be a little brighter this summer. A new special occasion lighting system was installed on the trees lining Main Street by the Downtown Evansville-Economic Improvement District (EID) with help from Wilde Horticulture and financial support from the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The 200 LED spotlights are a non-invasive way to light the trees, rather than using wired lights that can restrict growth, and can cast a range of colors for holidays and events. Now through July 5, a red and blue theme is being projected for Independence Day, and lighting is being planned for upcoming events like Halloween, Diwali, University of Evansville basketball games, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

“With these lights, we’ll capture conferences and sporting events, attract new businesses, and hopefully convert visitors to residents,” says EID President Joshua Armstrong. “We know this asset is an economic development tool — where people go, businesses follow.”

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