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In the Details

Even as a little girl, Tracy Watson spent hours rearranging and decorating her bedroom. Through the years, the habit stuck and branched into helping friends decorate and find rugs and artwork for their homes.

“I one day asked myself, ‘Why don’t I just try this?’” says Watson, owner of Tracy’s Attic, a home accessories store located at 2730 Mount Vernon Ave. “There is nothing like this on the West Side. I felt like we needed something on this end of town for unique pieces and unique gifts.”

The name for Tracy’s Attic, which opened in May, was born from a joke between Watson and her husband Lee. As Tracy was continuously rearranging her home, she was pulling new accent pieces from her attic.

“I am lucky to have a really big attic,” says the 50-year-old Evansville native. “I have always taken things up there, and taken things down from the attic. My husband will always ask, ‘Is that new?’ and I will always say, “Oh no, that’s from the attic,’ even though it was new still,” she laughs.

While Tracy realizes the name implies consignment items, she says word of mouth is quickly vanishing that misconception. Tracy’s Attic sells new home furnishings, such as tables, rugs, art, lighting, seating, custom window treatments, jewelry, soy candles, and unique gifts for any occasion. The store sells various themes such as nautical, equestrian, and soon will bring in holiday merchandise.

Tracy splits her time managing Tracy’s Attic and working in the cardiac catheterization lab at Deaconess Hospital, where she has been for the last 23 years. Her daughter Jennifer, 34, who also works at Deaconess, helps out at the store part time.

Tracy says the store is a dream come true for her, and thanks to her supportive family, she never gave up.

“This is so rewarding for me and I have really enjoyed it,” she says. “As another month goes by, I have to pinch myself that I still get to do this everyday.”

For more information about Tracy’s Attic, call 812-401-4051 or visit tracysattic.com.

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