In the Details

Details matter. Just ask an architect who takes the time to craft an elegant building design, or an artist sculpting a fine work of art. For a landscape, details enable homeowners to create their own, one-of-a-kind space. As an extension of their personality, home, or business, it’s theirs and theirs alone.

It takes time to design a space and to determine the features that will best personalize a landscape. You don’t have to do all the work at once. Projects can be phased in over time; different details can be layered on and added in. I always encourage people who will invest in their landscape to consult with a designer to develop an overall plan that guides the process.

You might not realize the variety of details involved when planning an outdoor space. I look at landscaping as the final touch and as a great way to set off and create a space that is wonderful to look at. But I also like spaces that can be enjoyed from within. Sometimes, simple is better. Still, when going the simple route, choose wisely. Detailing a landscape goes far beyond selecting specific plants. The choices and placement are important to the overall project, but deciding on plants sometimes can be the easiest part of the job.

It’s important to decide where structures will be located and how they will flow throughout the property as this helps to dictate how the space will be used. The project’s budget can drive the choice of materials, but there are many options that can add an extra bit of excitement to the space.

Elements such as lighting, water features, planters, or artwork can dramatically change the look or feel of the space. Outdoor lighting can extend the amount of time homeowners are able to enjoy the space, and it creates a wonderful nighttime atmosphere. A water feature is a great way to draw people in and to drown out the surrounding noise. Large planters with seasonal floral arrangements catch the eye and help build interest. Whether it’s a large sculpture or piece of art, or something as simple as a bunny or garden gnome, added details create added interest.

Brian Wildeman is a landscape architect at Landscapes by Dallas Foster Inc., 825 Canal St. He can be reached at 812-882-0719 and

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