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I love fall. The cooler temperatures make relaxing outside tolerable, but it’s also Mother Nature’s reminder to prepare for the upcoming winter — and beyond — because groundwork in the fall months leads to an impressive garden next year. Here, ways to wind down outside now to prepare for the spring that follows.  

A successful garden comes down to planning — whether that’s the initial landscape idea or attention to accents and details. It may seem as though this year isn’t over or it’s way too early to plan, but it is never too soon to think about next year’s landscape. 

After spending time outside during the summer, you may have noticed areas you weren’t happy with. The cooler temperatures make it a great time to add plants to fill holes or move plants that need more sun. By doing so now, the garden settles during the winter. More comfortable with the surroundings, plants will take off growing when spring starts.

Because trees begin to go dormant in the fall, relocating large trees and shrubs causes less stress. If the trees are in the ground before winter, their roots acclimate to the soil during the coldest months.  

Spring Bulbs
Tulips, daffodils, and other flowering bulbs are springtime sensations, but fall is the time to plant the bulbs. They’ll flower in the spring. 

Turf Grass
Even turf grass is best established in the fall. Cooler temperatures create a perfect environment for the turf to become established before winter hits.

— Brian Wildeman is a designer with Landscapes by Dallas Foster and Keep Evansville Beautiful’s 2010 community volunteer of the year.

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