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Kick the Bucket; Use a Corkcicle

Keeping your vinos at just the right drinking temperatures — it’s a great dilemma. When the wine’s too cold, it masks the vintner’s uniquely crafted flavors and aromas. Too warm, and the flavors may take a backseat to the alcohol.

Next time you pop the cork, insert a Corkcicle, an artificial icicle with a reusable freeze gel that maintains optimal drinking temperatures for whites, reds, and champagnes. Place it in the freezer for at least two hours, and the instrument assures the beverage doesn’t get warm while sitting on a table or overheat in the summer’s sun. Plus, no more toting around an ice bucket that condensates quickly. What’s most convenient is that the sleek Corkcicle consumes little room in the freezer and fits easily in a cooler — making this kitchen gadget ideal for wine tasting on the go.

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