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Link Up

To show how stories in our Sept/Oct 2012 issue fit into the broader context of world events, this edition of Link Up brings the Internet to you. No Google search required.

Below Sea Level
There is no denying that this issue of Evansville Living is filled with a wide genre of creative artists in our community, from painter/sculptor Billy Hedel in “Triple Threat” to various filmmakers/actors in our feature story, “Wind, Reel, and Print.” This artist takes his creativity below the sea in an underwater sculpture park.

Living in “Plane” Sight
In every issue of Evansville Living, we share the personal stories of unique homes, and their owners, around the community. For this issue, we give readers a look inside one of Evansville’s most historically-significant homes in “Living in History.” Check out this story of a man who made his humble abode inside a former Olympic Airways 727 airplane.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Ghost stories make for some of the best forms of entertainment as we near the fall season — and Evansville has plenty to tell, as is demonstrated in our story “Who’s to Boo?Time magazine gives the backstory of 10 of the most haunted attractions around the world.

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