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Link Up

Inspired by local issues — and news from Evansville Business magazine — we present these links that made us click for more.

Mall Walk
The Fall Festival makes Franklin Street the most popular roadway in Evansville for one week every October. It is the most exciting 0.3-mile stretch of street to see in the fall. But behind the food vendors hawking deep fried Kool-Aid, Cajun alligator jerky, and the legendary brain sandwiches are 70 businesses covering four blocks. What happens on Franklin Street when the festival ends? In our feature story “The Other 51 Weeks,” it’s business as usual. In one block, there are insurance companies, pediatricians’ offices, clothing stores, jewelry shops, restaurants, and yoga studios. It has been Evansville’s mall before the River City had a mall. Do Americans even like malls anymore? 

Help for Those Who Served
For years, more than 10,000 regional veterans were forced to make four-hour roundtrips for specialized medical care. A new facility opening by year’s end changes that — and it brings a new look to busy commercial area. In “Moving on Up,” we showed the progress made to help local veterans. This story from Esquire magazine showed the help a Tennessee farm is to American veterans.

Bed Bugs, Big Problem
In “Hitchhiking Blood Suckers,” we chronicled how one company, Action Pest Control, responds to bed bug invasions. Action’s president Kevin Pass uses two well-trained dogs to sniff them out. From there, the real action begins, and bed bugs can be a real problem. (Reports are circulating of bed bugs in a few of Evansville’s public places.) Here is this grossing report from Philadelphia magazine that shows how complex the bed bug problem is.

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