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Inspired by local issues — and news from Evansville Business magazine — we present these links that made us click for more.

Good Advice
In the August/September issue, we interviewed several local business leaders on how Evansville can continue to see economic prosperity. Jim McKinney, president and CEO of Regency Properties, wanted to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurs to bring what he called “intellectual capital” to the Tri-State. We learned a few secrets to entrepreneurship here.

More Good Advice
Elizabeth Hennon, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Evansville, cautions Evansville Business readers about the pitfalls of multitasking. The experts at Fast Company agree that in the workplace, it’s best to “start doing one thing really well.”

Good Save
Berry Plastics — an Evansville-headquartered billion-dollar company — recently touted a new product to aid oil spill cleanups.

Good Research
Summer news reports showed Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels slashed state agencies’ budgets. We’re doing better than other states as this chart shows.

Doing Good
Steve Bohleber told Evansville Business that he spends as much time volunteering as he does working as an attorney. One of the projects benefiting from Bohleber’s passion for science and research is the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, featured in the July 2010 issue of Audubon Magazine.

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