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Ugliest Office Contest

If your office hasn’t been updated since the 1980s (and you have the wood-paneled walls and orange sofas to prove it), here’s your chance for a new look.

The 2010 Ugliest Office competition, presented by Y Factor Studio, will award a complete office makeover to one Tri-State business. To enter, download an entry form or send an email to jennifer@yfactorstudio.com with the following information:

•  Your Business Name
•  Business Street Address
•  Applicant Name
•  Phone Number
•  Email Address

Please answer the following questions, and limit answers to a combined total of 500 words or less.

1. What are your current challenges?
2. How would an office make-over affect you and your business?
3. Describe your ultimate vision of the space.

Lastly, don’t forget to submit one picture of the space! Deadline is September 15, 2010. See the Y Factor Studio website or the entry form for full terms and conditions.

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