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Make, Bake, and Decorate

Piece of Cake
210 Main St. • 812-424-2253

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and at Piece of Cake, owner Cate Sisco can harvest your ideas from Pinterest, magazines, and photos to create your dream cake. “Trends are always moving through,” she says. “Especially themed weddings.” Sisco says she once designed a four-tiered haunted castle cake, and for grooms’ cakes her bakery can create anything from 3D ducks for hunters to fire trucks.

“We don’t use fondant in our decorating unless it’s for embellishments,” she says. “Instead, we use a buttercream icing and can implement just about anything our brides want.” According to Sisco, right now colors like marigold yellow and charcoal grey are popular, along with chevron patterns and designs. “As nice as it is, you can’t always use every idea and have a cohesive cake,” she says.

The Pacetre
2734 Mount Vernon Ave. • 812-402-6005
The Pacetre on Facebook

In place of a cake, The Pacetre can bake up any number of delicious pastries. Owner Tracy Pace says her bakery has no limit when it comes to flavor for cake balls, cake pops, or regular and mini cupcakes, “We provide our brides with whatever they want,” she says. “The grooms, too — but they seem only to come in to taste the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.”

Some customers order as many as eight different flavors — from lemon and strawberry to candy bar and maple bacon. The Pacetre also makes crostatas, a very untraditional wrapped pie without a pan or fluted edges and crusted with cheddar cheese, for weddings.

Gigi’s Cupcakes
236 N. Burkhardt Road • 812-437-9149

For variety and flare, Dawn Stuart with Gigi’s Cupcakes recommends cupcakes. “Because they’re separate from a traditional three-layer cake, we can decorate them to whatever pleases the bride and groom,” she says.

From chocolate salted to wedding white with buttercream, cupcake toppers are a popular idea because they can be grabbed easily and don’t need to be cut. (There are plenty of wedding reception jobs for your friend who would be cake cutter.) “It isn’t entirely traditional,” Stuart says. “But our customers can do what they want with them.”

A Pinch of Sugar
579 N. Green River Road • 812-476-7650

A Pinch of Sugar owner Dianne Miles uses marshmallow and powdered sugar fondant for smooth and pretty cakes decorated to the bride’s desire — with a complimentary cake tasting to make the decisions easier.

Towering with up to seven layers, Miles says, many of today’s spot on cakes feature “bling,” with either real or decorated jewelry on the cake or its ribbon. “We have a lot of requests for grooms’ cakes, too,” she says, often as a surprise from the bride. Styled for the groom, his cake can be anything from tackle boxes and football helmets to beer cans and plates of sushi. 

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