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Nestled away in Haubstadt, Ind., sits one of the most impressive meat markets in the country. Dewig Meats (pronounced Day-Wig) has been serving customers the finest products and quality in the industry for almost 100 years.

“People think of us as a little butcher shop out here, but we sell a lot of meat — thousands and thousands of pounds every day,” says plant manager Dean Dewig.

The facility sits on a 10-acre plot, surrounded by roughly 50 acres of family farmland at 100 Maple St. The original Dewig meat market in Haubstadt was about a block and one-half away from the current complex, Dewig explains while leaning back in a small, wood-paneled office.

“We have probably the biggest meat market anywhere in the country,” he says. “I don’t know of any place where you can see more cuts than right here.”

Established in 1916, Dewig Meats was originally founded by John Dewig and his two brothers, Tony and Joe. In 1962, John’s sons, Tom and Bill, purchased the business. Now, it is run by Tom and his children, Dean and Darla.

For the Dewigs, the work is a family affair. “My mom (Janet) and dad (Tom) are still here. My sister (Darla) and brother-in-law (Aaron) are here. My wife (Karen) and I … There is a lot of family here,” says Dean Dewig.

It’s hard to tell when work stops and vacation begins for the family. “When we go on vacation, we’ve been known to go and just visit meat plants,” says Darla Dewig Kiesel, the office coordinator. “My husband and I went to a competition, and on the way back we went to seven different plants. Some might see it as work, but it’s very enjoyable.”

The success of Dewig Meats is evident from the six class awards, more than any other packer in the nation, it received at the 2013 American Cured Meat Championships in Charleston, S.C.

“That’s for our German bologna, we know that is the best in the world,” owner Tom Dewig states, showcasing a sleek glass trophy in the office. Additionally, in 2011, the company was recognized by the American Association of Meat Processors for its gourmet boneless ham, jumbo wiener, and dried beef.

In all, Dewig Meats carries a large line of sausages, hams, pork chops, bologna, turkey, and ribs.

“I know of nobody — and I know this is a bold statement — that has better quality than we do,” Dean Dewig says. “I don’t know of anybody that produces a better product than we produce.”

“There is not a product out there that I’m not 100 percent happy with,” Darla agrees.

For more information about Dewig Meats, call 812-768-6208 or visit

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