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Meatless Manna

I’m certainly not a vegetarian, so imagine my hesitation when co-workers suggested the vegetarian combination platter at Manna Mediterranean Grill, 2913 Lincoln Ave.

My doubts dissipated when owners Amjad and Kristi Manna delivered the medley to my table. The pita, hummus, babba ghannoug, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, and Mediterranean salad were a rainbow of color that made me excited to dive in and devour.

Fluffy pillows of pita were perfect to plunge into creamy hummus and babba ghannoug. A bite into the stuffed grape leaf revealed a delectable blend of rice, onion, tomatoes, parsley, and spices. The falafel’s crispy, brown exterior gave way to a dense yet soft and flavorful inside. Finally, the salad featured crispy romaine lettuce, English cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, green onion, mint, olive oil, and lemon juice.

The meal, which left me full but not groggy, costs $8.75 — a steal considering the Mannas use only fresh ingredients and make each dish by hand.

For more information on Manna Mediterranean Grill, call 812-473-7005 or visit manna-grill.com.

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