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Method From Madness

“Chaos was the name of the game,“ says Amy Payne, who moved 11 times in 12 years and had three babies in the span of three-and-a-half years. “For my own sanity, I had to learn how to organize. I found it brings me great peace and comfort.”

It also led to her career as a professional organizer, certified by the National Association of Professional Organizers. In 2011, she started Lasting Order, a company offering assistance to residential and business customers in and around Evansville to get and stay organized.

Whether it is a clothes closet, pantry, weekly schedule, or digital files, the principles are the same:

• Decide on the purpose of the space/time.

• Determine which items to keep and which to discard. To do that, consider: Is it essential to ongoing operations? Is it in good repair and functional? Do you currently use it? Will you miss it if it’s gone?

• For the keepers, sort like-items together; put things into containers (or time slots); label them; and create a designated area (or time) for every item.

• Tip: As a rule, Payne finds working in three-hour blocks of time allows for some accomplishment and avoids both mental and physical fatigue.

For more information about Lasting Order, call 812-858-2457 or visit lastingorder.net.

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