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Mocktail Madness

If you enjoy hitting the town but want an alcohol-free drinking experience, you aren’t alone. Data from the global market research firm Mintel found 45 percent of millennials would give up alcoholic beverages to improve their health in 2019.

Enter mocktails. Non-alcoholic cocktails are increasingly popular with anyone looking for a drink that sacrifices alcohol but not flavor and aesthetic. Several Tri-State businesses already take an inclusive approach to the non-alcoholic movement by featuring these unique drinks on their menus.

“People like to go out and enjoy a good drink and maybe not have alcohol in it,” says Chase Oswald, co-owner of Evansville’s Bar Louie. “This gives a little more excitement for sure, and they’re aesthetically appealing.”

Bar Louie’s corporate mixologist concocted three $3.50 mocktails last year for its “Sober A.F. (Alcohol Free)” menu. Shake-It-Up freshly shaken teas come with a choice of four different fruit purees. The Cherry Vanilla Fizz is a smooth, sugar fix made with black cherry puree, vanilla syrup, club soda, and amarena cherries, while the Hibiscus Blossom Cooler’s hibiscus tea, simple syrup, and Sprite pack a refreshing punch.

Locally, Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano also offers five unique mocktail recipes, and Mo’s House serves up two non-alcoholic craft cocktails and three alcohol-free beers.

“I think we will see more of these kinds of drinks moving forward,” Oswald says.

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