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Seven years ago, Evansville Living caught up with music prodigy Monte Skelton, who was at the time a University of Evansville student envisioning a future that would somehow involve his gift.

Since Skelton, now 28, was featured in the July/August 2007 issue, he has seen that dream become a reality. The musician, who plays 22 instruments, has worked since 2010 teaching music to students in kindergarten through sixth grade at Joshua Academy, a charter school in Evansville.

“I always had a passion for teaching for music but I never expected for it to happen,” says Skelton, whose favorite music is contemporary jazz and R&B. “I never expected to get a good teaching job and I am very fortunate to stay in Evansville.

“The best thing is giving kids the opportunity to learn about something they may not be exposed to if not for a music program — finding the diamonds in the rough and just seeing the sparkle in a kid’s eye — seeing that is phenomenal.”

Skelton stays busy teaching during the day and playing music in the evenings. He plays in two groups — Factor: Primo, a pop fusion band, and a chemistry-filled duo of Monte & Shelly with singer Shelly Long. Skelton plays bass in Factor: Primo along with fellow Evansville natives Patrick Preston, Ed Sein, and Chasen Little.

Skelton says he has been fortunate enough to gain a large group of loyal followers in Evansville that attend the many festivals and venues he plays, often as a saxophonist.

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