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My Husband the Rock Star

My husband is in a rock band. He’s the drummer. Every great rock band needs a drummer. What would the Beatles be without Ringo Starr? The E Street Band without Max Weinberg? Or the Rolling Stones without Charlie Watts?  Still — and if you know my husband, maybe you think this is appropriate — in the lexicon of a band, drummer jokes are rampant. Websites are devoted to drummer jokes: How can you tell when a drummer’s at the door? He doesn’t know when to come in.

Todd began taking drum lessons 8 years ago. As a kid, he quit piano, though there are plenty of musicians in his family (his cousins). He has two drum kits; one in our home and one in a warehouse on the East Side that the band, “Acquired Taste,” leases for practice and jam sessions with friends.

The band began as an instructional band operating out of the Guitar Lab. Additional members were added and a few other band names inspired by random thoughts were considered. You know the drill: You’re having drinks with friends when someone remarks on a news item, like “Margaret Thatcher is dead,” and someone exclaims, “That’s a great name for a band.”

Acquired Taste stuck when a friend remarked that Todd, and his music, were just that.

Some might say Motley Crew (I know how to spell the heavy metal band’s name) would be a more appropriate name. Members include an engineer who plays guitar and sings, an ophthalmologist guitar player, a therapist female singer, a marketer keyboard player, a corporate trainer who sings and plays guitar, a CPA guitar player, and a retired heart surgeon bassist.

Acquired Taste brings its loud and fun brand of rock-and-roll to the Roca Bar North patio this Saturday night at 8 p.m. I’ll be there!

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