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Turn on the television and chances are you’ll come across a bidding war for someone’s forgotten personal belongings at a storage company. Rather than risk losing personal items to the highest bidder, Tri-State residents can now store their items at home. Go Mini’s is a personal storage unit company that brings the storage space to you.

The 12-foot, 16-foot, or 20-foot units have padded wheels that won’t damage your driveway and insulation that resists mold and heat to protect your valuables and more.

“It’s kind of the new way of moving,” says president Brad Leath. “The old way of moving was renting a truck, taking two or three days to load it all up, go up and down a ramp and you have to drive it yourself. Our unit, you load it once taking your time then we move or store it for you.”

Go Mini’s is the largest portable storage company in North America with 220 locations. Franchises exist in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and since 2008, Evansville.

“When the economy got really hard, I moved my family up here to the most northern part of my territory because it was untapped,” Leath says. “My way of getting out of the recession was to grow out of it.”

Leath and his business partner Michael Lohman in Simi Valley, Calif., created an investment group of 28 people and purchased 80 percent of the company from its founder. As a corporate owner, Leath spends 95 percent of his time running the corporate part of the business with his team but operates locally in Newburgh, Ind.

The first thing Leath wanted to do with the company was rebrand it. Currently, the 65 Go Mini’s units in Evansville have the old branding, but that soon will change. Two Evansville design companies, VisualRush and Regent Promotions, came together to create a new logo and a local sign company redesigned the company’s signs.

Leath previously worked as part of a college ministry in Memphis, Tenn. When he felt like his mentoring skills outgrew that crowd, his calling sent him into the Go Mini’s business world in Memphis.

Leath believes that the three most stressful events in someone’s life are death, divorce, and moving, and people use Go Mini’s during all three of those events.

“Do I dream about portable storage? Is it my passion? Not really, but my passion is helping people. This is an easy way to help people.”

For more information on Go Mini’s, call 812-471-4292 or visit

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