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Whose Site Is It? The Boys and Girls Club of Evansville is responsible for many smiling faces. In January, the Evansville affiliate of the national organization, which provides a variety of services and programs to help create a positive environment for young people, realized its website needed a makeover to reflect its mission.

“Immediately, you notice the color on the website,” says Shanna Scheessele, Resource Development Director. “Before it was just a white slate. We wanted to make it more of a representation of our club and our kids. I felt like it was lacking so much in our previous website. Why not show off their smiling faces?”

Here’s how it works: A slideshow of children representing each of the Boys and Girls Club programs rotate through on the homepage. The top toolbar provides information about the history of the club, program options, events, ways to become involved, and the latest news. The redesigned website includes clear contact information with the club’s two locations, which Scheessele says the previous website lacked. There also are options to donate on nearly every page making it easier to navigate for first-time visitors. “Before we just had an icon on the home page and now virtually on every page, people can immediately donate,” says Scheessele.

Don’t Miss: Current up-to-date information on the Boys and Girls Club’s annual campaign goals are now available on the website. The club currently has raised around $67,000 of its $100,000 goal.

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