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Seashells are the easiest (and most fun) mementos you can collect from your summer adventures on the beach. The possibilities of how to display your new collections can be endless, but a creative, fun way is crafting your own resin paperweights. 

What you need: silicone molds, disposable cups, popsicle sticks, gloves, resin gel and hardener, torch lighter, seashells, and sand (optional)

Step 1: Mix a small amount of the resin gel and hardener together. (Follow the directions given with the product.
We ordered ours from Amazon.) Pour this amount in the bottom of the mold — just enough to create the top
dome. Use a torch lighter to pop any bubbles that form
at the surface. Let harden 12 hours. 

Step 2: Place seashells in a new batch of mixed resin to coat thoroughly. Arrange shells on top of hard resin and then fill with resin. Use torch lighter to pop bubbles. Allow new resin layer to harden 12 hours. (You can fill the resin to the top of the mold for a clear bottom.)

Step 3: For a sand bottom, mix in a small amount of sand with a new batch of resin. Top your mold — remember to torch the bubbles! Remove paperweight from the mold
after 72 hours of curing. 

Tip: When mixing the resin gel and hardener, make sure both are warm and you are working in a warm room. Cool resin becomes milky. Also, stir gently — vigorous mixing creates lots of tiny bubbles!

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