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On-air Hair

In April, we asked our Facebook community which local TV personality has the best on-air hair. The answer was overwhelmingly “Dan Katz,” 14WFIE’s morning news anchor. So we were curious — what is up with Katz’s hair? Does he have to work at it, or is it naturally impeccable?

It didn’t always look so good. “There was a period I think I had some awful hair,” Katz says. A good reference: His roller-disco motif from the mid-70s. “I wonder what in the heck was I thinking,” he says.

Today, Katz’s picture perfect, never-a-strand-out-of-place coiffure has even 14 News Sunrise and Midday meteorologist Byron Douglas mentioning it on the air. However, Katz is far less obsessed than the rest of us with his locks. “I spend, literally, like 10 seconds on my hair,” he says. “I pay very little attention to it.” He uses one product, an American Crew styling gel (Firm Hold), combs it back, gives it a slight pat, and — voila! — perfection.

That style comes from necessity. As the co-anchor on the 4:30 a.m. Sunrise show, his mornings begin at 1:30 a.m. He wants the shortest routine possible. “Shaving at quarter ’til two is bad enough,” he says.

That’s why Katz considers himself lucky to have low-maintenance hair that “still looks decent.” Bonus: He doesn’t worry about his hair during a windstorm. His style advice to the rest of us: “Go with the flow and don’t stress,” he says. “There are so many other things in life to be concerned about.” Oh, and use a good gel and hairspray.

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