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Whose Site Is It?
Archery’s popularity continues to rise with increased exposure in the entertainment industry. Films like “The Hunger Games,” “Brave,” and television series “The Walking Dead” have contributed to a heightened interest in the sport.

Bear Archery, a branch of Escalade Sports Inc., is benefitting from the added cinema sensation. Escalade Sports Inc. has sold quality sporting goods for more than 80 years, with products ranging from table tennis and outdoor basketball goals to hunting and fishing gear. Escalade Sports recently transformed the Bear Archery website, introducing a mobile-friendly design.

Kennedy Rose, Web developer for Escalade Sports, says 50 percent of Internet searches originate on mobile devices. “When redeveloping the Bear Archery site, we designed with a mobile-first approach in mind,” he says.

Escalade Sports also purchased the domain beararchery.com, previously beararcheryproducts.com.

How It Works:
The website’s responsive layout allows for a convenient experience when navigating on various devices. The simple side-scrolling interface creates easy-to-read details when shopping for compound and traditional bows. Averting the common click-through option, a simple shift of the mouse left or right will cycle crisp clear images of the bows across the screen.

Don’t Miss:
Visit the “Hunter Photos” tab to submit your own hunting stories paired with a photo and details on the hunting gear used. Wild boar, elk, lynx, and bear are just a few of the various game displayed.

Site Designed and Maintained By:
Escalade Sports Web Developers, Kennedy Rose and Jason Gray.

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