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On the Top

Though derived from the saying “Everything but the kitchen sink,” the nine toppings on the Kitchen Sink pizza from 2 Daddy’s Pizza were no accident. Co-owner Andrew Klipsch, a veteran chef, chose ingredients that work harmoniously together: For example, the sweet pineapple pairs wonderfully with the sour banana pepper. Such is the case of the pizza covered with yin and yang options: sausage, mushrooms, ham, onion, green peppers, black olives, banana peppers, pineapple, and pepperoni. Even with ample cheese and numerous toppings, the flavorful, thick crust — cooked to a rich brown — perfects the signature pie.

The dish has been prepared and delivered from The Little Cheers kitchen (329 Main St.) for more than a year, and this July, Klipsch and his partners open a 250-seat, outdoor 2 Daddy’s Pizza at Marina Pointe (1801 Waterworks Road). The restaurant’s events pavilion, designed for music performances, seats 1,000. The space is “almost the size of a football field,” Klipsch says, and the focus is on food as much as it is on fun.

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