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Amy Bolek may be hidden in the background behind community organizations — even her office is inconspicuously located in the co-working space of Innovation Point — but her contributions to Evansville are far from unnoticeable. Bolek Grant Writing and Consulting Services has worked with several organizations that make contributions to the community from saving marriages to saving lives.

As a grant writer, Bolek helps nonprofit organizations write proposals for grant-funding pursuits. Bolek views her work as a team effort and emphasizes a “zero-ego” approach.

“I really don’t like it when people refer to me as an expert,” says Bolek, a University of Evansville graduate. “I like to think of myself as more of an extended member of somebody’s team, a partner in helping people achieve their grant-funding goals.”

Grant writing can be grueling and complex but is a style that fits her, says Bolek.

“It’s kind of like piecing together a big puzzle,” she adds.

Bolek formalized Bolek Grant Writing in 2013 after years of freelancing. She says the move away from freelancing changed the way she viewed her business and gave her hope for future growth.

“My goal is to continue building my business, but also to provide the personal service people are used to getting from me,” says Bolek. “That’s super, super important to me.”

While Bolek loves sharing the feeling of accomplishment with the organizations that are awarded grants, she often sees staggering statistics. Bolek says though the data may steal her focus, it also strengthens her resolve.

“It’s the research,” says Bolek. “It’s knowing what I know about the need that keeps me moving and keeps me realizing we’ve got to finish this project. It’s got to be the very best proposal we can get out the door because our community needs this.”

For more information about Bolek Grant Writing and Consulting Services, visit bolekgrantwriting.com.

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