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Platter Up

Credit the Japanese for Imari, named for the Japanese port city known for exporting the art pieces — white translucent porcelain platters with a cobalt blue underglaze — in the 16th century. The Chinese saw what a racket the porcelain-plate business was and copied. Hence, Chinese Imari.

This kind of Imari is as beautiful as its Japanese counterparts, and this 18th century platter shown here at E. Erickson Antiques & Design (226 Main St.) has a 24-inch diameter, making this stunning object of desire bigger than the average Imari piece (18 inches). In a space packed with hundreds of unique treasures, size matters. Owner Eddie Erickson says, “This is an absolute perfect example of Chinese Imari.”

Chinese Imari Platter, $3,850. E. Erickson Antiques & Design, 226 Main St., 812-424-0677.

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