Precious Petals

If you’re looking to do a little treasure hunting in Evansville, one of the top spots is Goldman’s Pawn Shop, 107 S.E. Fourth St.

The selections at the 120-year-old store range from fine jewelry, musical instruments, collector’s pieces, and more. Among its more interesting items are a fine antique lorgnette circa 1890 (a pair of glasses which are held in front of a person’s face); a bubble-back style Rolex made between 1952 and 1961; and a 1940s vintage hollow-back Gibson ES250 guitar.

Goldman’s also currently is home to this early Victorian-era antique brooch. Produced around the 1850s, it is made with 18-carat yellow gold and features blue enamel and rose cut diamonds. Half pearls — pearls cut in half to be set into jewelry pieces — make up the center and petals of the flower pin.

Pieces such as the brooch are not rare, says Goldman’s pawnbroker Rachael Goldman, but the pristine condition makes the jewelry unique. Priced at $2,250, the flower brooch was purchased by the shop at auction and draws many lookers to the Goldman’s display cases.

“The amount of time pieces like this stay in the shop often varies; a lot of times collector’s come through and buy them up,” says Goldman.

For more information about Goldman’s Pawn Shop, call 812-423-9631 or visit

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