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When Sharon Lemond and Tammy Stallings began dreaming of opening Enjolé Interiors more than two years ago, they originally planned a new build that looked old and had European influences. When those plans fell through, they expanded the search to include existing buildings.

In July 2016, Stallings drove past 313 Main St., the former Berger & Berger law office.

“It was just exactly what our vision was,” says Stallings, director of retail and design. “I could already see it finished.”

Lemond, owner of Enjolé, says although the building had been vacant for more than two years, it was full of life.

“It didn’t smell old. It had this warmth about it,” she says. “It embraced us as much as we embraced it.”

Lemond purchased the property Aug. 1 and construction began Aug. 10. Renovations included moving stairs; removing layers of drywall, wallpaper, and plaster to reveal original brick; taking out drop ceilings; and creating new brick archways. The angled entrance also was reconstructed to be flush with the facade.

Enjolé opened for business Nov. 5, a mere 12-week transformation from a law office to multi-level store with an open concept. Keeping true to its name — Enjolé is a Cajun-French word meaning enchanting or enticing — the retail store attracts passersby to come in and explore. The building boasts 16,000 square feet, including 3,700 square feet of retail space on the first and second floors. The second floor also houses the design resource center for freelancers, an art gallery, and offices.

Stallings says while many elements in the space are new, it was important to retain integrity of the old building, which was constructed in 1860 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. They recycled as many materials as possible including doors, cabinetry, and lumber.

“It was important we try to protect and preserve this historic building as much as we could,” says Stallings.

Charlie Berger, whose family firm had occupied the building since 1979, is amazed by the transformation.

“The fact that it’s a whole new look and it’s not an office setup allows the building to have a more dynamic presentation than something old and used and tired,” says Berger. “This is another progression of moving forward to keep the building vital and alive. It brings it a lot of beauty and life.”

For more information about Enjolé Interiors, call 812-706-9906 or visit

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