Rigmarole, Circumlocution, and Periphrasis

I have had ample opportunity since our last issue to read and reread a letter to the editor in the April 16 issue of the Evansville Courier & Press. Mr. Jim Brumbeloe of Tulsa, Oklahoma, writes about the “poor taste that exemplifies the pervasive attitude in the Evansville population.” He goes on to state, “rudeness, derogatory remarks, and obscene gestures and verbiage are commonplace.”

Well, I am about half-educated and a half-wit and felt the need to look up the word “verbiage” in the dictionary. A synonym of verbiage is “long-windedness,” which I’m very well acquainted with. Maybe you are, too.

He goes on to insult our drivers, clerks, customers in stores and in banks, and our fair city to some length with not very pleasant overtones.

Mr. Brumbeloe continues to let us know he now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and, in Tulsa, by God, “the folks are the most polite and courteous he has ever encountered.” Evansville could learn by taking Tulsa’s example, Mr. Brumbeloe states with great verbiage. Now I have nothing against Tulsa; I’m sure it is a fine place but there also are many reasons people love living here.

Well Mr. Brumbeloe, as a native, I have pleasant exchanges with clerks, bank tellers, and strangers on the street on a daily basis. People here always will let other drivers out in traffic in no time flat. Car trouble? There are so many good Samaritans. People here are kind, courteous, and considerate of others. This is a giving and caring community. A person’s perspective or attitude lies in the eye of the beholder. There is an old expression that I enjoy: “If everyone else has a problem, the problem is you.” And you can bet I cleaned that up for publication.

Tuesday, May 24 was a remarkable day for two much loved, admired, and respected teachers at Holy Rosary School. It marked the retirement and end of an era for Mrs. Bonnie Ambrose and Mr. Charles “Charlie” Voight, who have taught eighth grade for 50 and 47 years, respectively. They are comedians, friends, counselors, and most importantly, caring educators to the thousands of kids who have passed through their classrooms. They truly are a dynamic duo. Their kind does not come along very often. On behalf of parents, all the students, and myself who you have impacted along the way, I am extending a special thank you. You chose a very noble profession and served it well.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Todd A. Tucker

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