Season of Sweets

As colder weather continues to creep into the Tri-State, warm winter treats are must-have items to keep your head, heart, and stomach cozy and full.

DeAnn and Mike Schmitt, owners of Sweet Schmitt’s Candy (422 N. Main St.), are known across the city for their gourmet marshmallows, sold year-round for $2.50 a piece. The soft, gooey textures are enveloped in silky, smooth chocolate and crunchy toppings and then infused with flavors from s’mores to dark chocolate cherry, and pair perfectly with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

One of the best versions of this classic winter drink consists of a 6-ounce mug of hot milk and a hot chocolate bomb from Mike Libs & The Chocolate Factory (864 S. Green River Road). Available seasonally for $5.99, each bomb comes as a milk chocolate sphere artfully molded and decorated with dyed chocolate and sprinkles.

Inside, a handful of marshmallows and a scoop of powdered cocoa wait to be unleashed when the bomb melts into the milk. With a quick stir, you have sweet hot chocolate ready for dipping your Sweet Schmitt’s marshmallows and sipping by a roaring fire.

Candy Cravings

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