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As this issue of Evansville Business goes to print today (uh, of course this letter has been finished for days), subscribers and newsstand readers have been reading and commenting on City View 2012, which arrived earlier this week. City View is a sister publication of Evansville Business and one that I am particularly proud of, now in its 11th year. As I realize you are reading Evansville Business now, let me explain how the two publications are related.

In Tucker Publishing Group’s beginning, we published only Evansville Living. While I was on an advertising call at a large real estate firm, I was touting to the real estate agent the benefits of advertising in our new magazine. I asked the question, “When someone is either being recruited or relocated into the area, can you show me what they currently receive from your office?” The agent then walked me to a large closet, which looked like the overflow from any convention and tourism bureau office or interstate rest stop, and took multiple brochures, which included the standard area tourist attractions, and began placing them in a large pocketed folder.

It was quite evident to me that there had to be a superior way to sell our community assets in print to those interested in Evansville or Southwest Indiana. In February 2002, City View was published. We wanted to let longtime residents, newcomers, and visitors see our community in its most positive light, all in one comprehensive publication.

Getting back to how Evansville Business and City View are related; we print a much larger quantity of City View than other Tucker Publishing Group publications. City View is mailed to our subscribers and is on the newsstand all year long. City View is the primary print publication selling our community. Large and small corporations, physician recruiters, economic development agencies, real estate firms, and even the mayor’s office, use City View to attract people to Evansville all year. When we send trade delegations from Evansville, City View makes the trip as well. The main reason I am so proud of this publication? Each time someone says, “I wasn’t very interested or excited about coming to Evansville until I saw your magazine and the quality of life offered here; we visited and stayed and have now been here a while.” City View showcases the best of what our city offers — and as a community, we all could do a bit better selling that.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Todd A. Tucker

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