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September Issues

The September issues are arriving. In the magazine world, the September issue often is the largest issue of the year. Among the fashion magazine glossies, it always is the issue with the thickest spine, because September is the the month of fashion. The making of Vogue’s September 2007 issue was documented in a film, The September Issue. The magazine was 840 pages and weighed 5 pounds. A Wikipedia reference notes that the September 2007 Vogue has sold on eBay for $80 to $115.

I’ll share with you a few of our colleagues’ September issues, which are arriving in our office. (September/October Evansville Living will be in your mailbox next week.)

Louisville features Teddy Bridgewater. Actually, the popular University of Louisville quarterback is featured on two covers. The editors explain Bridgewater’s photos were so compelling they ran a split cover. We see Bridgewater looking straight at us; other readers will see Bridgewater hugging a teddy bear. Consumer magazines regularly split covers. This means sending a cleaner cover look to subscribers, while newsstand buyers get a magazine with more coverlines — more stories referenced on the cover to attract sales.

Milwaukee styled a rustic marquee for its arts guide cover.

417 — the area code for great Springfield, Mo. — created a retro family vacation cover.

Pittsburgh invites readers to “think green” with a hand-drawn chalkboard cover.

St. Louis produced a 200-page issue with a nice plunk factor. It features its Restaurant of the Year and its Butternut Squash Agnolotti. (I looked it up; it’s a flattened ravioli.)

The surgeon who removed actress Angelina Jolie’s breasts (genetic tests showed she was at great risk for breast cancer) is featured on the cover of Los Angeles.

I checked the eBay price of Vogue September 2007 — $15.45. The March/April 2003 issue of Evansville Living featuring Don Mattingly is offered by an eBay seller for $24.99.

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