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50 States 1,000 Eats — Joe Yogerst for National Geographic 2024, National Geographic Partners

“Though plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants are sprinkled through the chapters, roadside diners, mom-and-pop eateries, food trucks, farmers markets, and food halls are also touched on as integral parts of our world stew.” – Introduction, page 7

Southwestern Indiana favorites like fried tenderloin and brain sandwiches score a mention in this cross-country culinary adventure. Plus, two Hoosier photographers and Evansville Living contributors – Steve Geis from Newburgh and Zach Straw of Mount Vernon – have photos featured.


The Hidden Power of Rising Dividends: How To Produce Security, Income, and Growth — Greg Donaldson 2024, self-published

“The devastation of Black Monday snuffed out most of my illusions about investing. … Four people reached out to me … and told me where to look, asked me to believe, challenged me to see things differently, and finally gave me eyes that could see the flickering light. Without our knowing it, they would send me on a quest to find what would ultimately be called the Rising Dividend strategy.” – page 7

After the 1987 stock market crash, Evansville’s Greg Donaldson came to view dividend investing as a reliable indicator of value for companies. But the Donaldson Capital Management founder’s theory was a hard sell for businesses in big cities. In this new release, he shares how dividends marked a turning point in his financial career.


My Kid’s Gay & I’m OK! — Karen Edwards 2024, self-published

“She finally said, ‘Mom, you’re right. I’m gay.’ I paused for a few seconds and then responded with, ‘You know, if God came to me right now and told me he could make you straight, I’d tell him no. … Because then you wouldn’t be my Rachel. You are perfect just as you are, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.’” – page 18

Karen Edwards’ debut lays bare the heart-wrenching experiences, moving conversations, and tough decisions she faced when her daughter came out. Written as a parent’s support guide, the Evansville resident gives hope to the uncertainty families and friends face as loved ones mature in the LGBTQ+ community.

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