Signarama Evansville celebrates 65 years

When Casey Valiant walks into work each day, he follows in the footsteps of two generations of sign makers. Known as Signarama since 1997 but in business since 1957, this sign company runs on family.

Arthur and Benita valiant at the original sign shop
Casey Valiant is leading Evansville’s Signarama store in its 65th year, but the business he took over from his parents Debbie and Walter was started in 1957 as Valiant Marking Products by his grandparents, Arthur and Benita Valiant. Photos provided by Casey Valiant.

Arthur and Benita Valiant opened their rubber stamp company, Valiant Marking Products, 65 years ago. When the Valiant’s son, Walter, and his wife, Debbie, took over the family business in the mid-1980s, they computerized the system and added engraving, banners, and vehicle graphics to the company’s offerings. Twenty-five years ago, the Valiants joined Signarama, a franchise with nearly 800 stores globally.

Walter and Debbie’s son, Casey, grew up in a home where stamps and engraving were common dinner table conversations. Signage was a part of his everyday life. On vacations to other cities, Valiant would touch the signs and artwork in hotels to see how others crafted them.

“It’s incredibly humbling and gratifying to be part of the third generation of a business that has continued to serve customers and support employees,” Casey says. “I’m proud to play a role, and I’m excited to plan for the next five, 10, 65 years.”

Casey Valiant
Casey Valiant, photo by Zach straw

Casey says one of the reasons Signarama’s customers keep coming back is the company’s desire to see them succeed. Whether it’s a medical facility rebranding, a university expansion, or a manufacturing facility that wants to show its company’s growth in a history wall project, Signarama’s team can get the job done.

Signarama also backs the community through its “Signs of Support” program. So far, the company has provided more than $300,000 in grants for low-cost or free signage to local nonprofits.

“With organizations that may not have the money for marketing or signs, as a community we want them to spend their money on their mission,” Casey says. “If we can help with signage, they can direct more funds toward their mission.” 

Signarama Timeline

1957: Arthur and Benita Valiant open Valiant Marking Products.

1962: The Valiants change the company’s name to Arben Stamp Company to incorporate their first names.

1985:  Walter and Debbie Valiant take over the business.

1986: Signarama opens its first store in Farmingdale, New York.

1993: The Marking Device Institute, the industry’s leading trade organization, nominates Arben Stamp Company for Heavy Weight Dealer of the Year for its investment in timely, efficient customer service.

1994: Arben Stamp Company changes its name again to AmeriStamp to promote a nationwide mindset. In 1997, AmeriStamp collaborates with Signarama, the largest sign franchise in the world.

2014: The Valiants are inducted into the Signarama Hall of Fame in recognition of their marketing and record sales volume.

2018: Casey Valiant receives the 2018 Small Business of the Year award from the Southwestern Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

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