Ski Sensation

For those of us who like soft drinks in desserts (remember loving grandma’s Coca-Cola cake?), Evansville now has access to the ultimate pie — the SKI pie. Though it sounds like a culinary concoction from the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, you can eat it every day at Marx Barbecue & Catering.

SKI Citrus Soda — considered another form of water for Evansville’s West Side — came to life in 1956 by combining the flavors of lemon and orange juices. Marx Barbecue, 3119 W. Maryland St., began selling The Double Cola Company’s soda in pie form in March. This lemon tart dessert is made with a SKI syrup and lemon pie filling, topped with whipped cream, and served chilled.

“We have been very surprised about how much we have sold,” says William Rodenberg, who has been a Marx Barbecue & Catering employee for five years. “We didn’t think it would be this popular.”

Both pieces and whole pies are available daily at Marx Barbecue. A single piece of the pie is sold for $2.30 and a whole pie can be purchased for $10.95.
Perhaps the next twist on this delicious pie will be making it with the Limited Edition Strawberry SKI soda, which was released in late April. The new drink has orange, lemon, and strawberry flavors.

For more information about Marx Barbecue & Catering, call 812-425-1616 or visit

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