Sock Hop

In October 2019, a truck carrying more than 25,000 pairs of socks rolled into Evansville.

Donated by Bombas, the “buy a pair, donate a pair” sock manufacturer, these socks now are available to all EVSC students through Hangers, an EVSC Foundation clothing resource that provides students with discounted clothes for school.

“It was crazy. All 25,000 pairs of socks showed up at one time on a semi-truck. There were dozens of skids of socks,” says EVSC Foundation Executive Director Maureen Barton. “When the driver called, I was like hold the phone we need a forklift.”

Bombas, which was started in 2013, found major success after appearing on the show Shark Tank in 2014. Since finding out socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters, Bombas has donated more than 25 million socks, including several previous shipments of 100 to 250 pairs to Hangers.

Barton says the socks are all black and arrived in three styles: no-show, crew, and tall. The socks and other items at Hangers are available to any EVSC student in need.

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