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Traditional recliners seen in many living rooms today have large padded seats and backs covered in a dark fabric. The Stressless line at Lea Matthews Furniture and Interiors, however, has streamlined the recliners we grew up with to suit a more sophisticated armchair quarterback.

Made in Norway, Stressless Jazz recliner’s vibrant-colored fabric or leather covers a unique cushioning found in all of Stressless’ products. Buyers also have an option to purchase a matching ottoman to enhance their comfort. The recliner is designed to complement other Stressless pieces to create a complete look in your home.

The line was introduced in 1971 and recently was welcomed into the Lea Matthews store, 5611 E. Morgan Ave.

“When you visit the Stressless Gallery at Lea Matthews, you’ll find entire room settings, which include sofas, chairs, ottomans, office chairs, home theater, tables, and accessories,” says Joan Fraser, marketing director and buyer for Lea Matthews. “There’s definitely a product to fit everybody and every lifestyle.”

The retail price for the Jazz recliner and ottoman starts at $3,795, depending on your cover of choice. Fraser adds Stressless offers quarterly promotional incentives that often bring those prices down considerably.

For more information about the Jazz recliner or the Stressless line, call Lea Matthews at 812-474-4266 or visit

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