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Summer Dates

Sure it’s hot; it’s summer in the city. What do we expect in the Lower Ohio Valley? It’s clear we’re into an authentic  Evansville summer, and when we think of summer, we think of dates – the focus of this issue and our feature story, “Make a Date” (p. 46).

Here, staff members share their favorite summer dates.

Jinni Nall, Art Director
Tom and I like to go to the drive-in in Reo, Ind., for date night.  We pack a cooler and some snacks, then stop at Tin Fish (in Newburgh) for supper and then head to Reo. If the weather is nice we’ll stick around for their double features.  Then, we’ll drive back into downtown Newburgh and walk along the riverfront.

Kristen Lund, Senior Writer
Eric and I live Downtown, so we like to walk to Angelo’s and dine al fresco — or grab takeout from Jaya’s and eat in the park at Fourth and Main streets. Then we like to watch a movie from Central Library in our air-conditioned living room.

Louis La Plante, Associate Managing Editor
Dinner Downtown, then a show at The Centre, and if I’m feeling lucky, I head to Casino Aztar to win at Blackjack. I live Downtown, so my date and I don’t worry about driving — and that’s what makes it so perfect.

Jennifer Rhoades, Account Executive
John and I like to go to Edgewater Grille (in Newburgh) and sit out on the back patio.  It’s fun to enjoy dinner and listen to live music on a pretty summer night.

Jeff Coffey, Account Executive
A favorite date was taking a girl who was crazy about professional baseball to a Little League game. She was so surprised and she loved it. Hot dogs, snow cones, nachos, the works. You can quickly learn a lot about a person taking them to a little kids’ event where you don’t know anyone participating.

Kim Grimm, Accounting Manager
My husband, Tim, and his friend, Paul Legeay, hold a Blues and Smokin’ Barbecue Fest in the back yard and I enjoy getting the meal together. The freshest summer vegetables purchased at the Downtown Farmer’s Market are used in the side dishes – tomatoes, corn, green beans, new potatoes, cucumbers and onions.  The baking of breads and desserts, and the rich dialogue with family around a well-furnished table completes the day.

Laura Mathis, Creative Director 
We like to go Gambrinus in Owensboro, Ky., for a drink before going to Friday After Five. We’ll head to the Bistro for dinner and come home to relax on the patio where we have twinkle lights strung up.

Jen McDaniel, Graphic Designer
We take my fiancé Josh’s old Chevy Silverado truck to the Holiday Drive-in Theatre in Reo. We bring a blow up mattress and put it in the bed of his truck with blankets and pillows and set up our surround sound system of speakers. The best nights are the clear nights with every star in sight!

Laurel Rawden, Advertising Director
I always enjoy eating dinner outside, listening to music, and finishing with a walk along the riverfront.

Jessica Campbell, Account Executive
It’s fun to jump on my fiancé Jason’s motorcycle and ride over to play a round of Midget Links miniature golf. Whoever loses has to buy the winner dinner and ice cream at Zesto.

Heather Powers, Art Director
I’m a big fair junkie. When I was growing up my family ran a concession trailer and traveled all over the state selling various goodies at carnivals and events, so I feel totally at home among rides, games and junk food. Fun, excitement, and gooey foods all under the stars = awesome date!

Todd Tucker, President
Letting the “natives” run wild in the yard playing flashlight tag while enjoying adult beverages around the fire pit.  The best dates are long evenings at home with the fellas and good friends.

Melody Terry, Circulation Coordinator
My favorite summer date was sneaking a midnight swim in a neighbor’s pool.  But you have to be quiet!

Lindsey Niemeier, Marketing Manager
I’m very traditional. I would first stop at Roy Boy Shaved Ice, because he is the master of snow cones in the Tri-State, followed by dinner at Cavanaugh’s, and a walk along the river. I’d end the evening at Taste for dessert and wine.

Shanti Knight, Editorial Intern
Evansville’s best summer date is at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area (near Elberfeld) at sunset. Take a blanket and an iPod and stargaze — it’s adventurous, secluded, ridiculously romantic and only a little cheesy.

Makensie Coslett, Marketing Intern
A perfect date night is a dinner cruise on the Ohio with carryout from Madeleine’s and a bottle of wine, followed by live music and dancing at RiRa Irish Pub.

The editor’s favorite date? As a teenager I loved picnics at the Evansville State Hospital under a few of my favorite trees. Today, I enjoy the view of the park across Lincoln Avenue from my home, sharing stories of the week with my family and friends on our stone benches.

Enjoy this issue and make a date. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen K Tucker
Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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