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Summer Interns

Welcome 89, 90, and 91! For 15 years, Tucker Publishing Group has welcomed student interns. We’ve hired 91 to write stories, design ads and pages, and market TPG magazines.

Meet our summer intern staff:

Erin Miller began her internship in January; we asked her to stay for the summer. Erin will graduate from University of Southern Indiana with a degree in journalism in the fall.

“Jennifer Rhoades told me on my first day ‘We love our interns. We use them a lot, so be prepared!’ She was not kidding. I’ve learned everything from office printing etiquette to how to improve my writing skills. As an Evansville native who attended Harrison High School, I’ve always read Evansville Living and want to continue feature writing as my career.”

Alissa Byrne is a graphic design intern. The Castle High School graduate is a Purdue University senior majoring in visual communications design.

“I am still unsure about the area of design that I want to pursue. After being here for a week I have gotten a glimpse of the magazine creation process and I’m looking forward to seeing how I will be able to contribute to its success”

Celeste Zuber, editorial intern, is a senior public relations major at Purdue University and a Reitz Memorial High School graduate.

“I’m excited about being an intern and getting hands-on experience with writing and publishing to help me reach my goal to work for a publishing company in a city like Chicago or Indianapolis! Before I started, I wondered if magazines had editors like Miranda Priestly (a fictional character played by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”). Thankfully, editors I have worked with so far have all been nice and energetic people!”

We have all summer to work on that. Still, we won’t bark: “By all means move at a glacial pace. You know that thrills me!” We’re more sensitive. That’s all.

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