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Summer School

After publishing this magazine for nearly 15 years, I’m convinced that a distinct phenomenon occurs for those in the magazine business: We begin to live two lives. One, in the here and now — the details of daily life. Then there’s the other life, lived two to 12 months ahead — already full with stories we can’t wait to write, people we’re eager to meet, and ideas we want to try. In this life we’re hurtled into the next issue, always looking ahead. *

It’s no wonder our summers fly by. The fact is, though, as you read this, school is just a few weeks off in the greater Evansville area. (Don’t tell my kids that; they prefer to ignore school’s start date until it is here.) And so, we interrupt your summer to bring you our annual education and school issue.

If you’re new to Evansville, you likely have encountered this question and the local perspective of it. “Where did you go to school?” Asked that here, my response is, “Castle High School.” I’m proud of my college degrees from Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and the University of Southern Indiana — but that’s not the answer to the question. In Evansville, “Where did you go to school?” means, “where did you go to high school?” — not grade school or college.

Managing Editor Nathan Blackford enlisted the help of high school journalism teachers and administrators in preparing our feature story package, “Where Did You Go to School?” (page 36). We bet you learn more than a few things you didn’t know about our high schools, like the impressive list of famous graduates our high schools have produced (page 38).

I hope you enjoy this issue of Evansville Living — relaxing in your home, by the pool, or just taking your time with it somewhere peaceful — before the busyness of the school year launches us into the holidays and the coming year.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

*We’ve been working ahead on many exciting stories. Our writing staff and summer interns are reporting on stories for City View 2015. This spring and summer we photographed numerous Home Style features for upcoming issues: In September you’ll read about a traditional home near the University of Evansville and its stylish owner known for her festive gatherings. Later in the year and in early 2015, we’ll introduce you to a couple and their three school-age boys who renovated a farmhouse built in 1839 that had been in the family, and just when you’re ready for a preview of the coming summer, we’ll take you to a Newburgh, Indiana, couple’s home completely outfitted for fun in the sun. Time does fly!

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