Sunday Drivers

Since we started dating a year ago, my new wife (as of February), Kat, and I have made the Sunday drive an integral part of our weekly “us” regimen. We both brought children into our relationship — two daughters, ages 12 and 13, and a son, 6 — so each drive serves as an oasis from our hectic world, as well as a way of pushing the reset button and staying connected with each other.

On a recent Sunday morning, we decided to begin our day with a trip through the Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Preserve. We absolutely love this part of Southern Indiana. It has such a classic allure for people who are particularly attracted to the scenic rhythms of the country road. We feel this is where the sky reveals a darker shade of blue, and in taking the time to enjoy it, we have found a serene and leisurely sedative from a life of accommodating careers and our super-busy family.

Somewhere before noon, just as the hunger pangs began to distract us from the chorus of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy” (the proper soundtrack is a necessary part of the adventure), we decided it was time to pull off the road to eat. Fortunately, the Hornet’s Nest in McCutchanville, Ind., was not only open, but as we soon discovered, offering Sunday brunch. I hesitate to say which of us was more excited about this; however, I suspect a decision to drive past the restaurant would have lessened my enjoyment of the rest of the day.

A love for the country often spawns a love for country cooking. My wife and I didn’t have to dig very deep to summon the gods of our Southern heritage, take full advantage of the buffet, and fill up on plenty of fried chicken and biscuits and gravy before crawling back out to the car and getting on the road.

The rest of the day was spent alternating between random left and right turns with the occasional proclamation: “Man, I really ate too much.” By the time we got home, we had not only hit the reset button, we had a fantastic time doing it, just as I imagine we will again next week.

Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Preserve is located .5 miles off the Boonville-New Harmony Road exit from Interstate 164. For more information, visit

Hornet’s Nest – 11845 Old Petersburg Road – 812-867-2386

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