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Surf for Your Supper

First, the obligatory disclaimer: Read the fine print before you buy a discounted restaurant certificate. (Limits may apply to dates and times, alcohol purchases, and more.) If you have questions, call the restaurant. Better safe than starving.

Dining Discoveries and More (www.diningdiscoveries.com)
This weekly TV show introduces Evansvillians to local restaurants and other businesses, offering discounted certificates to the establishments featured on each episode. Buy yours by calling the on-screen number during the show (10 a.m. Sundays on WEHT Channel 25), or shop online. Recent deals: Half off Greek fare at Acropolis, American cuisine with a river view at Edgewater Grille, tavern food at the Hornet’s Nest, and many other local restaurants.

Restaurant.com (www.restaurant.com)
This massive database includes 15,000 restaurants around the nation, so it’s worth a look if you’re on vacation or travel frequently for business. Remember our disclaimer? The Evansville listings on Restaurant.com include restaurants that have closed (Food With Flair, we barely knew ye) and no longer honor the certificates (one is The Jungle). Recent deals: 60 percent off ($10 for a $25 certificate) at Dave’s Sportsden and 30 percent off ($17.50 for $25) at the Deerhead Sidewalk Café.

Groupon (www.groupon.com/evansville)
This nationwide coupon program launched in Evansville last November. Registration is free, and every morning, Groupon e-mails a “daily deal” to members: up to 90 percent off items such as spa services and event tickets. Buy quickly, as the deals (not the certificates) often expire within a day. Recent deals: $15 for $30 at Angelo’s (try the crab cake appetizer served with pesto sauce) and $12 for $25 at Jaya’s (we’re suckers for the volcano roll).

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