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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Taste Test

Nothing pairs better with summer than a refreshing, cold beer. As warmer weather visits us, I tried three frothy drinks from local brew houses.

Damsel Brew Pub, 209 N. Wabash Ave. of Flags
I’m not usually a fan of ambers, but Damsel Brew Pub’s red Irish ale seemed like a good one to get acquainted with. The nice malty color matches the clean taste. My favorite part? No bitter hoppy taste. It was smooth and delicious with just a hint of caramel, as promised.
• Growler-to-go (32 ounces): $7

Suns of Beaches
Myriad Brewery Company, 101 S.E. First St.
If you’re a witbier fan, grab an orange and pick up a growler of Suns of Beaches. This brew was perfect for my first try of Myriad’s beers. Coriander and bitter orange peel give it the best of citrus and floral notes, making it hard to stop at just one glass.
• Growler (64 ounces): $12
*If you do not have your own growler, Myriad provides one for $4.

Forbidden Passion
Carson’s Brewery, 2404 Lynch Road
Carson’s Forbidden Passion, a tropical blonde ale, is good if you enjoy blonde ales. I enjoyed sipping this beer. The brew had a very strong flower aroma, and sipping it was the best way to experience the sweet fruity flavors.
• Growler (64 ounces): $13
*If you do not have your own growler, Carson’s provides one for $10.

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