The Bee’s Knees

For three years, JCs Wildlife has responded to the world’s bee population crisis by offering hand-crafted poly lumber and pine mason bee houses.

“Our bee houses are certainly good for your garden and the environment,” says Jennifer Briggs, co-founder and owner of JCs. “They offer a simple way to attract native bees to your yard or garden.”

She says their houses are specialized to attract and sustain the lesser-known mason bee. They don’t make honey, are more effective pollinators, and are non-aggressive.

The mason bee house allows everyone to help the environment and is made in JCs’ local workshop. Using vibrant yellow, gray, and green materials the house is built to last and makes cleaning easy.

“The houses were well-received right out of the gate,” she says. “We feel very fortunate that people around the country are enjoying our product.”

The bee houses are available year-round on JCs’
website at $54.99 for the small and $79.59 for the large option.

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