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Again we begin the year with the results from the Best of Evansville poll. And again this year, the results highlight so much of what’s really good here in Evansville. We always have fun producing this feature. While quite a few of the honorees might be called “old faithfuls” — mainstays in the competition — our readers surprised us by naming the same winners for several categories. A new category, the “write-in,” elicited great ideas for future stories in addition to a garnering consensus on a winner — Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve. Let’s raise a frosty mug to the winners! Thank you to the more than 2,500 readers who submitted ballots.

Two hours before the sun rises (nighttime to many), three mornings a week, I meet a friend on my street and we walk down Bellemeade Avenue (usually in the street; there’s not much traffic before dawn) toward Alvord Boulevard, where we loop the mile-long esplanade between Washington Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway. In the dark or in the light of day the boulevard is one of the most attractive walks in town. For our Home Style section in this issue, rather than feature a single home, we called on Philip R. Hooper, who we identified as one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable real estate professionals in the area, to explore the architecture, homes, and homeowners of Alvord Boulevard. Philip dug in, learning Alvord’s history and meeting the people who call the tree-canopied street home.

If you’ve never walked this stretch of Alvord Boulevard, I encourage you to bundle up for a winter’s stroll. Be sure to visit again when the weather is pretty; Alvord Boulevard shines in all seasons.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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Of The Issue, 109

Great photographers know that patience yields the winning picture. Photographer Jerry Butts waited for a car to depart so he could get this pristine mid-1950s Bel Air in his shot of the Nisbet Inn. With the roadhouse feel of the Nisbet Inn and the retro cool of the Bel Air, the picture looks almost like a movie set. Funny enough, another mid-Century Bel Air appears in this same issue, on page 127.

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