The Kitchen Garden

If there’s a cure for jet lag, it is strolling the grounds of the world’s largest flower garden. Keukenhof, or “Kitchen Garden,” also is known as the Garden of Europe. I spent the first morning of my “Tulip River Cruise” walking about the impeccable Keukenhof, located about 45 minutes from Amsterdam, Netherlands, in Lisse. More than seven million bulbs are planted annually in the park, which also features the most current and creative garden and landscape designs.

Acres upon acres (the property is 32 hectares in size) are planted with spring bulbs, and the astonishing beauty extends to Keukenhof’s four pavilions, where more than 30 flower shows are produced annually. More than 600 growers present their most prized flowers, and leading floral designers create shows of stunning beauty and size.

In the Oranje Nassau Pavilion, the show changes weekly; I saw roses. In the Willem Alexander Pavilion, more than 100,000 tulips in the most exotic varieties were displayed. The Beatrix Pavilion presented an astonishing orchid show.

The Amadeus Elegant now is docked in Arnhem, Netherlands, a city just a bit larger than Evansville largely destroyed in World War II that is now nicely rebuilt. The cruise will continue through the Netherlands and into Belgium later this week, before returning to Amsterdam, at which point I will travel to Paris by train. I’ll post “300 Words” next week from the City of Lights.

I’ll owe you a few words – my word count this week is slightly light.

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