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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Last Times

This has been a year of mixed emotions for me. With a son who is a senior in high school, there are many “last times” for virtually everything this year. Attending swim meets, going to dances, and simply hanging out with the old man while knowing he will be leaving in the fall to go to (make a decision, son) college has not been pleasant for me. I do not look forward to my oldest son leaving the house.

My youngest son, in the eighth grade, will not be playing football, basketball, or maybe even baseball after this year in hopes of swimming in a major college program. The last Advent program has come and gone, and with half a year left, soon will grade school, meaning we no longer will be dropping him off every morning at a school our family loves.

In four short years, neither of my sons will be at home. Frankly, I dread what some people look forward to. But, I am reminded of a tapestry that hung over the fireplace of a great friend’s home growing up that simply said, “These are the good ol’ days.” It is a matter of perspective.

I would be surprised if some of you can’t relate with the photo on this page, especially over the holidays. Most people can identify with living a healthier lifestyle prior to Thanksgiving, followed by enjoying a not-so-healthy Thanksgiving break with relatives (hey, it’s tradition). It’s difficult to get back to healthy living while combatting endless festive parties and food. I have heard about this.

In closing, I am genuinely excited about the great things occurring almost simultaneously in our city. I am very appreciative of all of those who support and read this publication. I thank you. May you and your family have a terrific holiday season.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Todd A. Tucker

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