The Park Next Door

As a part of Evansville’s Bicentennial Celebration, organizers hope a commemorative park, across from Downtown’s Old Post Office, will revitalize the city while providing a well-designed destination that improves the quality and strengthens the character of the Downtown atmosphere. “The park will hopefully work as a multi-functional space,” says Philip Hooper, executive director of the Department of Metropolitan Development, “honoring the city’s history, providing a new place for recreation, serving as the permanent home for the Downtown Farmers Market, and acting as a catalyst for development around its perimeter as the city grows.”

Due to public input, a rectangular conceptual design has been selected because of its ability to be more functional. Bicentennial Park will be used for a range of recreational activities, including concerts, picnics, a farmers market, and a potential place for local artists to display their artwork.

Hooper, who is spearheading the project, oversees the budget and is coordinating with architects to begin the design phase. “Once the project is designed,” he says, “the Department of Metropolitan Development staff will have the project put out for construction bids, then carry the project all the way through the approvals, construction, and completion.”

Although it’s too early to estimate the total cost of the park, it’s expected to be funded primarily from the Downtown TIF District (Tax Increment Financing). The park has a projected completion date of July 4, 2013.

For more information, contact the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development at 812-436-7823 or visit

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