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Thyme in the Kitchen chef April Boeke admits her hatred for measuring cups in front of 13 women at the start of class. When Boeke began her culinary career, she recalls she was a “dump cooker” — someone who throws together leftovers from her fridge, hoping the mixture results in a tasty meal.

I like to cook, but I’ll admit, I don’t venture out too much when exploring my taste buds. At Thyme in the Kitchen’s cooking class on Evansville’s West Side, I felt no judgment for my lack of culinary knowledge and quickly realized I am not alone when it comes to my lack of experimenting in the kitchen.

The Scoop
Founded in December 2013, Thyme in the Kitchen is locally owned by Marcia Jochem and her husband, Gil. As guests enter, they’re greeted by a display of kitchen gadgets, accessories, and decor. The back of the store is occupied by a large kitchen space featuring all stainless-steel appliances and countertops and a bar with 16 place settings.

The Verdict
This specific class, called “Meatless Monday,” taught us how to prepare a three-course meal without meat. We learned to prepare a grilled apple and pear salad, roasted vegetable pasta, and a sweet apple truffle dessert. Just in time for Lenten season, Boeke provided tips on how to trick dinner guests into feeling stuffed, even after a meatless meal. Her advice was to chop vegetables into bulkier chunks so it gives the illusion of a meatier meal. I also learned how to minimize dishwashing by using Ziploc bags to mix and shake ingredients.

Need to Know
Thyme in the Kitchen offers a variety of culinary classes for those wanting an intimate activity with a spouse, a corporate team-building exercise, a private cooking birthday party, or for any foodie longing for an appetizing experience close to home. They cater to all skill levels and are taught by a diverse group of chefs. Class prices range from $20 to $115.

For more information about Thyme in the Kitchen, call 812-437-2726 or visit its location at 2308 W. Franklin St.

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